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Fraudulent Transfer – Defense Verdict

Fraudulent Transfer – Defense Verdict

Why would we announce a civil defense verdict?   We defend civil cases when its appropriate.  In this instance, and despite the apparently insurmountable odds of prevailing, we succumbed to an existing client's request to represent him in this action.    At one point in this litigation, the Plaintiff's lawyer told me the following:  “when you look at a fraudulent transfer in the legal dictionary, your client and this case appear.”   He turned what should have been a 3 day trial into a 2 week showcase of how great he believed his case was, and in the process, alienated the jury.   To the astonishment of both Plaintiff's counsel and the judge, the jury found for my client.   The moral of this verdict?  Developing a rapport with the jury matters.  Respecting the jury, their intelligence and their time matters.  

If you are looking for an attorney that can develop a relationship with a jury and not alienate everyone in the courtroom by beating his own chest, please contact Brownstein Law Group.   We are based on Marin County, San Francisco County, the greater Bay Area and practice throughout the State of California.  Please contact us with any questions. 

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