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Josh S. Brownstein

Attorney at Law

After beginning his legal career at an international civil law firm representing faceless corporations, Josh decided he wanted to help real people with real-life problems.  He branched off, opened his own offices in the San Rafael and the greater bay area, and never looked back. Passionate about helping others during some of the most difficult times in their lives, Josh focuses his practice on criminal defense, personal injury, and doing what it takes to get results.

M. Ryder Thomas

Attorney at Law

After earning his A.B. from the University of Georgia and his J.D. from University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law, Ryder worked in a number of roles that enabled him to help his clients navigate their legal matters. As an experienced litigator and results-oriented advocate, Attorney Thomas uses his depth of knowledge at every stage of the legal process to put his clients in a position to move forward and seek meaningful outcomes.

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We’re driven by our passion for helping others.

We Build Relationships

At our firm, relationships matter. The trust we develop with the people we represent is what fuels our legal practice day in and day out.

We Tell It Like It Is

We tell you what you need to hear—which may not always be what you want to hear—to help you move forward. With us, you get the real deal.

We Love What We Do

It’s our privilege and our passion to help residents of the Bay Area and the rest of California. Let us take the weight off your shoulders.

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Criminal Defense



Personal Injury

Dog Bites

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Our Results Say It All

Falling From a Tree

Our clients were injured performing tree work for which they were provided no training or safety gear, and which clearly required a license.

Recovered $190,000 for Clients

Dog Bite

Our client was bitten in the face while a guest at a house party.

$170,000 Settlement Secured


Our client was injured on a scooter after encountering a dangerous pothole. An investigation revealed that the pothole was a known risk for years.

Secured a $185,000 Result

Felony Strike Case

Facing a potential prison sentence, we prevailed at preliminary hearing for our client. He received probation and has since turned his life around.

Favorable Result

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Trust Us to Pursue Justice For You

Legal matters can be incredibly frustrating—especially when they involve your future and your freedom. A personal injury or a criminal accusation can bring your life to a screeching halt, threatening to overwhelm you and your loved ones. Don’t attempt to navigate a car wreck, drug violation, DUI charge, or any other tough legal issue on your own.

At Brownstein Law Group, P.C., we’re up to the challenge. We provide personal advocacy, proven results, and trusted counsel to clients in San Rafael and the rest of the greater Bay Area.

Fighting Back Against Criminal Charges

Being accused of a crime can be devastating. Don’t wait to get the aggressive representation you need to put your criminal charges behind you. If you’re located in San Rafael, San Francisco, Novato, Petaluma, or anywhere else in California, reach out to us. We’ll put our more than four decades of combined experience to work for you and your case.

Seeking the Compensation You Deserve

Whether you were injured in a car crash, hurt by a dog bite, or involved in a premises liability accident, you shouldn't be held liable for someone else's negligence. Get in touch with us to see if you may be entitled to financial compensation after a personal injury throws your life off course. We’ll listen carefully as you describe your situation, and then we’ll create a plan of action tailored to your unique needs. At the end of the day, you deserve a team of attorneys willing to take charge to do what’s right.

Helping You Move Forward with Confidence

Honest, compassionate, committed: this is who we are. Not only do we have the legal experience to fight for you, but we genuinely care about your future, even beyond your personal injury claim or criminal defense case. At Brownstein Law Group, P.C., we truly believe that you deserve to move forward with confidence. Set up a free appointment with us in the Bay Area to start the process.


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