Dog Bite

Our client was bitten in the face while a guest at a house party.



Our client was injured on a scooter after encountering a dangerous pothole. An investigation revealed that the pothole was a known risk for years.


Felony Strike Case

Facing a potential prison sentence, we prevailed at preliminary hearing for our client. He received probation and has since turned his life around.

Favorable Result

Gym Equipment Failure

When our client purchased a piece of exercise equipment from a reputable source, he reasonably anticipated it would function correctly and safely. Unfortunately, its subsequent failure during proper use resulted in serious back and neck injuries. The equipment manufacturer and retailer insisted that it was an operator error. Due to the result of extensive expertise and in-depth investigation, including freedom of information act requests disclosing similar failures, we were able to successfully resolve this for our client.


Breach of Contract

Our client retained our firm when it became clear that he would not be paid on a contract due to an apparent technical error. Our client was facing someone with endless funds for “big time” lawyers who had every intention to bury our client in paperwork and legal fees. At mediation, we declined the judge's recommendation that our client accept $1,000,000. After an extensive battle, we were thrilled to resolve the matter for the full amount of debt owed.


Dog Bite

Our client was injured when he was bitten on the side of his head while simply walking down the street. The attack was unprovoked and on a public roadway. We were able to successfully convince the owner of the dog's homeowner's insurance carrier to cover our client's damages for medical costs and pain and suffering.


Breach of Contract/Invasion of Privacy

Our client began negotiations to enter into a business relationship due to his expertise and notoriety in the specific field. Despite having no agreement, and despite multiple misrepresentations and false promises, the defendant began using our client's name and likeness to their advantage. Litigation ensued involving claims of invasion of privacy, use of likeness, and breach of contract. We ultimately obtained a judgment in the amount of $330,000 that is currently being satisfied.


Fraudulent Transfer – Defense Verdict

Why would we announce a civil defense verdict? We defend civil cases when it's appropriate. In this instance, and despite the apparently insurmountable odds of prevailing, we succumbed to an existing client's request to represent him in this action. At one point in this litigation, the Plaintiff's lawyer told me the following: “when you look at a fraudulent transfer in the legal dictionary, your client and this case appear.” He turned what should have been a 3 day trial into a 2-week showcase of how great he believed his case was, and in the process, alienated the jury. To the astonishment of both Plaintiff's counsel and the judge, the jury found for my client. The moral of this verdict? Developing a rapport with the jury matters. Respecting the jury, their intelligence, and their time matters.

Favorable Result

Fraud - Breach of Contract

Our client entered into a business relationship with someone that had absconded with over $250,000 of our client's money. We immediately filed suit and endeavored to recover our client's funds. After substantial litigation, we obtained a judgment in favor of our client in excess of $300,000. We are happy to report that our client is getting his money back.


Falling From a Tree

The obvious question arises: How can someone be compensated for falling from a tree? While the answer is straightforward, the legal issues are complex. Certain homeowners want to save a buck when performing necessary maintenance on their property – especially when that maintenance involves property that they are renting out and making a profit. Some of these homeowners hire unlicensed workers to avoid the associated cost of hiring a licensed company. When they do so, however, they are deemed to be the employers of the unlicensed workers, responsible for any and all work-related injuries. Accordingly, when our clients were injured performing tree work for which they were provided no training or safety gear, and which clearly required a license, the homeowners were held legally responsible.


Car Accident

Our client was traveling at highway speed when his vehicle lost control, swerved across the highway, and rolled over on the embankment. There was substantial dispute and litigation over who was at fault for the accident. The police reports and eyewitness testimony conflicted. One driver, who we felt was at fault for clipping our client's vehicle, left the scene. Our investigation resulted in finding this fleeing driver. After months of litigation and dispute, our client was thrilled to resolve the matter and provided the opportunity to obtain a scar revision to his scalp.